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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Commercialization of News... Yep, Once More.

While the debate is more and more violent in France as to whether DSK is guilty or not of what he has been accused of, another controversy begins to emerge that has to do with the role of the media in this whole story. A few blogs accuse the media of immorality, of condemning a man just by presuming him guilty without even a trial, and a few organizations even write long facebook notes that use the famous "J'accuse"
In the context of our class, this, once again, echoes the fact that the media try to sell, and make selling news their primary goals before delivering the fully investigated, balanced and objective news. It however also shows that sometimes the public goes beyond what the media tells them since in the case of DSK, the whole French population might have been told that one of their candidate was guilty, a considerable part of it refused to believe anyone. The debate about DSK intrinsically nuances the influence of the media, shows that the mediatic message is not supreme and that concepts such as nationalistic pride and patriotism might be stronger.

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